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For small and mid-sized businesses encountering financial difficulties, filing for bankruptcy protection may be the optimal solution. Considering the complexities inherent in business bankruptcy, retaining an experienced, knowledgeable attorney is critical. For more than 20 years, Atlanta business bankruptcy lawyer Shayna Steinfeld of Steinfeld & Steinfeld, P.C., has provided exceptional representation to small and mid-sized companies throughout Georgia.


Filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 For Businesses And Individuals in Atlanta

In many bankruptcies involving closely held companies, a critical issue is whether the debts apply to the business or the owner, or owners, of the company. Shayna Steinfeld will thoroughly analyze the various scenarios when making this determination and provide strategic counsel to maximize available debt relief. Shayna's experience extends to situations where a client owns multiple businesses and may require bankruptcy relief for one or more of these entities. Depending on the situation, Shayna will recommend a Chapter 7 filing, Chapter 11, or other alternatives designed to achieve the business's goals. However, a matter is eventually resolved, companies can rely on Shayna to provide client-focused, results-oriented representation.

Shayna's broad-based experience in this field provides immense benefits to her clients. In addition to representing debtor businesses, she is frequently called upon to represent creditors in bankruptcy litigation. Consequently, she is able to develop creative solutions that may not be readily apparent to practitioners who focus on one area of bankruptcy.

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