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Divorce and bankruptcy are often closely related in several situations. When a spouse or ex-spouse files for bankruptcy, the spouse who does not file for bankruptcy could be jointly liable for some or all of the other spouse's debts. In different situations, an ex-spouse may incorrectly try to discharge some of his or her divorce obligations in bankruptcy.

In any of these or other circumstances, it is vital to retain the services of a lawyer who understands how to create positive outcomes.


Atlanta divorce and bankruptcy attorney Shayna Steinfeld of Steinfeld & Steinfeld, P.C., brings a wealth of knowledge to this relatively unique area of law. In addition to her practice experience, she and her husband Bruce co-authored "The Family Lawyer's Guide to Bankruptcy," a book published by the American Bar Association. Further, Shayna was the co-chair of the Bankruptcy Committee of the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association. She has developed an intuitive understanding of the relationship between divorce and bankruptcy, and she has guided clients across Georgia to favorable outcomes.

Shayna's practice in this field involves many different issues. These issues can include:

  • Arguing to lift the automatic stay to allow a divorce or contempt hearing to go forward
  • Representing individuals whose ex-spouses are attempting to discharge divorce obligations in bankruptcy
  • Objecting to discharge or the confirmation of a plan
  • Filing proofs of claim

Shayna can intervene at any stage in the bankruptcy proceedings. Of course, it is crucial to understand that in many situations, strict deadlines apply. Therefore, the earlier you seek the firm's representation, the more options you will likely have.

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